Hi, I'm Lauren! A lover of golden hour, foggy days, and raw emotion. I'm constantly looking for a love story in everything. Movies, songs, books, t.v. shows. There's just something so intriguing about the way two people choose to love each other. Laughter is by far one of my favorite sounds, whether it's coming from a loved one or a complete stranger. Airports and mountaintops are where I feel small but so incredibly alive. There's something about vast places that put everything into perspective. My approach to photography might seem a little different than others. In a world of trends, I really strive to produce work that is not only timeless about also inviting. I want you to feel the emotion within my images. Not only am I passionate about photography, I'm passionate about people. I long to get to know other's stories and join alongside them on their journey. I believe encouragement, kindness, and intentionality go a long way. My favorite thing ever is when couples turn into some of my best friends. So what are you waiting for?  Let's adventure together!