Vow Renewal at Max Patch Mountain // Chelsea + Matthew

max patch wedding_1.jpg

Wow, where do I even begin. I've dreamed so long of creating a retreat where I'm able to escape to a place with breathtaking views with other photographers. This past winter, I began putting together all the details for a spring retreat to Asheville, North Carolina. The time came and myself along with five other photographers adventured down to North Carolina. We were incredibly lucky to stay in the most beautiful Airbnb, you must come stay here! A huge thank you to Joslyn with Lavender Fox Florals for creating the most beautiful bouquet of our dreams and The Lesser Bear for creating stunning silk ribbon. The long weekend was filled with chasing waterfalls, climbing to breathtaking views, and photographing some very beautiful couples.

Our final night in the Blue Ridge Mountains was spent photographing the vow renewal of Chelsea + Matthew. We hiked to the top of Max Patch and found the perfect spot for the renewing of their vows. They began to pour their thankfulness and love out to each other along with promises to continue to love and fight for each other through all of life's challenges. My favorite moments from our time on that mountain were when Matthew brushed Chelsea's tears off her face while she told him how he's become someone she never thought God had for her. These two have been through the thick of life but take the time to truly pursue each other and their Heavenly Father. They are a true picture for what God has intended for marriage. I'm beyond blessed to know them and I will forever treasure these intimate moments I was able to be apart of. The quote below is a something that Matthew wrote for Chelsea on their wedding day. Chelsea said the words captivated her with thoughts and memories of their love. Matthew is a talented artist and writer, you must check out his work here.

"Sun warms my neck. We sit on the roots of the riverbank, splashing water with a stick. You fascinate me. And you look amazing enlivened by the hush of afternoon lights."  -Matthew King