hannah + brian | indiana dunes

"I see the whole world in your eyes. It's like i've known you all my life. We just feel so right."

Oh man, I don't even know where to start with these two. I was lucky enough to meet Hannah in advertising class while in college. We quickly connected while working on a project and found ourselves spending time together outside of class together. She actually shot one of my first weddings with me and she's now my 2nd shooter for Indiana and Michigan weddings, Hannah's amazing! I've always loved and appreciated Hannah's personality, she's very spunky but super laid back. She often doesn't care what others think and is always looking for adventure. I remember the first time she told me about Brian, we were having dinner at the local family restaurant in our college town.  You see, I had seen Hannah go through other relationships before she met Brian but there was something different in the way she talked about him. 

So here's the story of them falling in love while Hannah was studying abroad for nearly four months in New Zealand, Australia, and China. Hannah and Brian actually met online, although, it did take Hannah some persuading to get him to agree to meet up in person. They began seeing each other more and more and before Hannah knew it, she was hooked. On November 25, 2014, Brian asked Hannah to be his girlfriend which she responded with, "Are you sure? You do realize I'm about to leave for four months, right?" Needless to say, she said yes and they decided to give it a shot. After many Skype dates and phone calls, Hannah headed back to to the states after an amazing adventure through the Pacific Rim. Hannah was so nervous for their first date once she was back but they quickly fell back into a close relationship and they grew closer together. 

Hannah says, "Now almost two years later, he is easily my absolute best friend and biggest supporter. He is the kindest, most selfless and most encouraging person I have ever known. Really though, everyone should get to know Brian! It amazes me how my heart can already be so full, yet each and everyday, I love him more and more." 

You can most definitely see the love and joy Hannah and Brian bring to each other. This session is definitely one of my favorites and a turning point in my work, enjoy these two love birds!