jordan + kyle | fall session

I seriously love every chance I get to photograph these two. Jordan and I grew up going to a small private school together. We spent many Wednesday evenings together at youth group but then she left to go away to college in New York. After finishing school, Jordan moved to Tennessee where she then met Kyle. Jordan never thought she'd fall for Kyle but after he helped her move to a new apartment because no one else had a big truck, Jordan's thoughts of Kyle began to change. In November of 2013, Kyle popped the question and asked Jordan if she would marry him.

I was so happy when Jordan asked me to take their engagement pictures! Then last fall, we did this gorgeous session, I'm still in love with the pictures. It was also during this session that Jordan said something along the lines of, "well next year at this time we hope to be pregnant so we'll want you to take pictures for when we reveal it to everyone." Well she was completely right, a few months ago, I got to take their reveal pictures. I can't wait for them to welcome in their little baby boy and to watch them become parents!